2024 Toby’s Fund Grantees

Toby’s Fund for Reproductive Health Equity is proud to partner with the following non-profit

organizations to serve the Reproductive Health Needs of McHenry County. Each not only advises

our public, but provides invaluable services to those in need of Abortions, Emergency

Contraception, and Pregnancy Prevention

  • Planned Parenthood of Illinois Helps pay for abortion services for McHenry County pregnant people who need financial help
  • American Society of Emergency Contraception. ASEC provides technical assistance and resources for EC for our grantees in McHenry County
  • Warp Corps of McHenry County.Warp Corps provides safe sex kits and Emergency Contraception for the unhoused in McHenry County
  • Youth and Family Center of McHenry County. Serving a young and financially vulnerable population of primarily Spanish speakers, YFC works with Toby’s Fund to provide pregnancy prevention, condoms, and EC if needed to their population. Toby’s Fund also sponsors their bi-weekly Spanish podcast.

Toby’s Fund Recommendation for a Community Foundation of McHenry County, Toby’s Fund grant: The Care Center of McHenry County which helps survivors of sexual assault in McHenry County who find themselves pregnant.

  • The Care Center of McHenry County; Planned Parenthood of Illinois; American Society of Emergency Contraception; Community Foundation of McHenry County; Warp Corps of McHenry County; and Youth and Family Center of McHenry County