“I had six children because I wanted six children”

Toby Shussin Levin (1918 – 2013) believed that all children should be wanted and was an outspoken advocate of a right to make one’s own health decisions. A generous donor to McHenry County Citizens for Choice (MTripleC) for 24 years. She helped staff the booth at the McHenry County Fair into her 90s. She proudly wore her MCCC t-shirt and consistently encountered detractors and sometimes rude and vulgar comments with calm and humor by simply stating: “I had six children because I wanted six children”!
Toby died on April 16, 2013 at age 94. Her six children agreed that a fitting memorial for their beloved mother would be to establish a fund that would help those in financial need to secure an abortion. They provided a generous start-up donation to start the fund.
Toby’s Fund for Reproductive Health Equity is comprised solely of dedicated volunteers who believe in the right of all citizens of McHenry County to make their own decisions about their bodies. No person who volunteers benefits financially from Toby’s Fund.

If you’ve  made the decision to end your pregnancy but think you might not have enough money to fully pay for the procedure, Toby’s Fund for Reproductive Health Equity may be able to help.

The cost of an abortion can vary dramatically depending on how long you’ve been pregnant and where you choose to obtain the procedure.  

Toby’s Fund has a relationship with different clinics, including the Planned Parenthoods in the Chicago area.  When you speak with the staff at the clinic you chose,  and if they determine you are in financial need, your residence in McHenry County will be used to supplement your financial package. There is no waiting period. You can have your procedure and the clinic works with Toby’s Fund on your behalf by granting money.